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Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Numerical analysis

Since this blog is not famous, number of people who has the url is less than 10 .and even they are not returning readers this blog is more or less just a journal for me to write what I wanna archive for later. Given that most of the compositions here have something to do with this girl, here is another one.

Even if someone read this, I am more than sure they will not understand this. You must have knowledge about context on two fronts to understand this. First-- all this smiles, analysis blah blah blah stuff. That is a long story that I am not going to write now. Second-- why is this all about numerical techniques? This birthday wish went with a copy of "Applied Numerical Methods With MATLAB by Steven C Chapra".

All that numerical approximations with splines to model the most expressive smile, which did give good enough predictions (as numerical is capable of),
The obvious fact that no approximation is good enough to uncover all its hidden secrets (as numerical is of limited accuracy),
The realization that the beauty of it could never be quantified algorithmically! (as the beauty of the universe is beyond the scope of comprehension for numerical analysis)
Happy birthday! 

Wish you another year full of reasons to put $\lim_{x\to\pm\infty} P(x) \to \infty  splines on your face :-) with good grades, health, an internship and everything :-)

This is my first Latex post on blogspot.

Explanation on what the equation says,
$\lim_{x\to\pm\infty} P(x) \to \infty means that the function should go towards positive infinity on both ends of the x axis. Same as the traditional "smiling emoji" where the lips are curling up on both ends.

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