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Tuesday, January 30, 2018

My stance on SL Local Authority Elections 2018

SL Local Authority Elections 2018
Given that there is no party which,
0. Has not compromised their long term principles for the sake of short term benefits (benefits including ones for their party and the country).
1. Is not maintaining it's vote base on racism and religious differences.
2. Accepts the need for a secular constitution.
3. Wants to drift the country to a centralized economy (at least as a long term goal)
6. Believes in gradual administrative changes to attain that state instead of armed struggles.
4. Will take steps against corruption for real (including bringing out the past cases and taking steps to avoid future cases).
5. Will take steps against the government agency violence for real (including bringing out the past cases and taking steps to avoid future cases).

NSSP was all fine. They never compromised their principles on economy or society. I personally believe in with their right to question the SL military conduct as well. Given that SL "peace keeping forces" have never come clean out of brutally suppressing the uprisings in the past(1971,89) it is anyone's right to question them in a future case. But NSSP is making way too much weird accusations as to what happened in international stages without actual facts and seems to be overselling minority matters.
In a recent interview Dr.Bahu is saying "we should let go of this central bank corruption since the present government is taking good steps support minorities in the country." which is a way too much of a COMPROMISE for a party with a history of staying true to their values.
Therefore, I will no longer accept them as a suitable party to vote for. (even if I did, it is not like they are competing on every place)
I would most probably stay home instead of going to vote. (I know it is bad,selfish or whatever. But I have severe issues when it comes to compromising)
Foe everyone, do not vote for racist parties. We don't need them to create civil unrest once again so their vote bases would consolidate in long term.
For those who are not as sticking to ideals and those who believes these election as all about practical solutions for practical problems in local authorities for the next 4 years or so, obviously JVP!

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